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Monday, March 29, 2010

Stop Abusing Your Email!!!

Howdy Strangers,

My name is Ian Mechura. I am a software developer in the process of designing and launching a team communication and collaboration product.

I came up with the idea by constantly being bombarded by unnecessary emails at every company I have worked.

Dealing with an overflowing inbox has caused lots of pain over the years and now I have set out to do my part to right the situation.

My intention is not to compete with or replace email. I think that email is a useful tool, its just misused because often it is the only thing available.

Take a moment to look at the product goals and tell me what you think

Product Goals:

  • Relieve the burden of email misuse
  • Provide an alternative to spamming an organization with automated emails
  • Reduce the loss of valuable information scattered in individual employee inboxes
  • Allow the individual to filter content instantly based on their preferences in a personalized and centrally located feed.
  • Facilitate targeted distribution of information.
  • Create only a single record for each message to reduce storage and bandwidth usage
In my next few posts I will describe specific cases where emails where misused and how they impacted my work life.

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